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About Us

The brandname De Ville has been present on the Poland's laboratory supplies market since July 1989 - i.e. when De Ville Ltd. was established as one of the first independent, privately owned companies who set a goal of breaking the monopoly of great government-owned foreign trade enterprises of the communist era.

De Ville Biotechnology emerged as a continuation of De Ville Ltd. in May 1993. Throughout the 30 years of our activities, we have built an organization which is unique in our market conditions, we have gained a strong position and highest appreciation of the customers.

Throughout the years we worked with different partners and suppliers but we have always been focused on supplying our customers with the highest quality of equipment and services. Our competence and experience underlie our activities - we offer not only the high-end products but also the best solutions to meet the customer needs by careful analysis of the applications and processes involved. Also, our thorough knowledge and approach to the validation of equipment and processes which is based upon our experience with GMP/GLP procedures is highly appreciated by both customers and the inspectors of the audit bodies. Our technical support and the quality ofafter-sale service are highly appreciated by the customers - we have set new standards that are not commonly met in our market sector.

Our operations are limited to the Polish market (our suppliers usually have their local distributors in other countries), therefore our website is built in the Polish language, as it is addressed to domestic customers only. If you happen to work in Poland and you are a speaker ofEnglish but not quite confident with your command of Polish, please fill the contact form or send us an email requesting a contact in English - we will call you back. If you want to check some technical details or descriptions of the equipment, you can always click on the links to our partners' websites.

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